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Letter Lamps

Lámpara rizadora Lamplighter - Modelo AL-1C CurlBot

Lámpara rizadora Lamplighter - Modelo AL-1C CurlBot

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Materiales de origen vegetal. Mejor para el mundo.

La impresión 3D bajo demanda minimiza el desperdicio.

Hecho por humanos en Canadá.

Presentamos la primera lámpara de acción del mundo: ¡nuestro propio Lamplighter! Totalmente articulado y articulado, utilice nuestro Lamplighter para iluminar su escritorio, taller o habitación. Pueden ir a donde quieras y hacer lo que quieras, ¡aún más! Es una figura de acción y es una lámpara. ¡Es una lámpara de figura de acción y una lámpara de acción!

Esta variante particular "C" también es... ¡un rizador! Hemos entrenado nuestro modelo clásico AL-1 para dominar el deporte de equipo más antiguo del mundo: el curling. Cada lámpara rizadora AL-1C viene con su propia piedra y escoba, para que sepas que están aquí para festejar.

Cada Lamplighter se fabrica por encargo utilizando polímeros de origen vegetal y botellas de agua recicladas y está disponible en dos tamaños; 6" de alto y 18" de alto.

Alimentado por electricidad USB-C universal e iluminado con LED de ahorro de energía.

Viene con cable USB-C de 3'.

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Valentine's Day Pricing! 50% Off Every Second Lamplighter. Because even robots need a "friend".

We're so excited to release our premiere Action Figure Lamp, that we are throwing in a "friend" for half price for every Lamplighter you purchase!

Valid until Valentine's Day is over.

About The Designer


Based out of Philadelphia, USA. Soozafone is the brilliant creator of the Lucky 13 model family available on Printables. They are the designer of the entire Lucky/Easy/Mini/Dummy 13 family of articulated, posable, and printable action figures which we modified under license into one of the world's best lamps!

Check out soozafone on Printables and follow them if you are interested in taking your own swing at this amazing design, and to see what they come up with next!

Illuminate Your Imagination

Made With Plants

Environmentally Conscious: We are committed to sustainability. Our lamps are 3D printed using environmentally friendly bioplastic (PLA) sourced from Canadian corn waste, a testament to our dedication to eco-conscious practices without compromising on quality or aesthetics.

3D Printed On-Demand

Crafted in Canada: Proudly made-to-order in Canada, our letter lamps are a testament to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each piece is thoughtfully created and hand assembled, ensuring that your custom design is both beautiful and durable.

3D printing on-demand minimizes waste and reduces warehouse space and everyone's carbon footprint.

Universal Energy-Efficiency

Powered for Convenience: Each lamp is powered by a 5V USB connection, ensuring easy and versatile usage all over the world. The energy-efficient LED lighting not only provides a warm, inviting glow but also contributes to a lower energy footprint.


Endless Customization: The possibilities are endless with our custom lamps. From initials to symbols, and themes to vibes, we can craft a design that's uniquely yours. Nearly every product we make has some form of customizable option to make your own.

Customer Reviews

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Pauline Orpwood
Cute Curling Figure

I am a curler so had to buy this cute curling figure which is also a very small desk light. Shipping cost was high, but when you are a collector of curling items, you pay the price.