All About LetterLamps

At LetterLamps, nestled in the vibrant heart of Toronto, Canada, we're redefining the world of custom lighting with a focus on 3D printing technology. As a pioneering start-up in the digital era, we are committed to offering unique, customizable, and functional lighting solutions. Our innovative approach of 3D-printing products on demand significantly cuts down on waste, overstocked inventory, and excessive storage needs, marking a substantial stride towards reducing the carbon footprint traditionally associated with manufacturing.

Our diverse ranges of high-quality, affordable custom lights, including Neon LED specialties, Lithophane magic and Holographic experiences, are crafted using state-of-the-art 3D printing technology. This not only ensures a blend of fun and functionality but also echoes our commitment to environmental sustainability. From day one, our passion for excellence has been the cornerstone of our brand. The dedicated family team at LetterLamps is devoted to providing an effortless and rewarding shopping experience. Discover our special offers and innovative designs, and feel free to contact us with any inquiries or requests. At LetterLamps, we're not just lighting up spaces; we're illuminating a greener future. 


    Our modular, 3D-printed systems allow us to offer high-end designer lighting at far lower prices than other providers. We can build-to-order rather than mass producing inventory to bring prices down.


    We low-energy LED components and organic-based bio plastics in our lighting structures. Sourced from Canadian corn waste, our PLA blends are durable, recyclable, functional, and even biodegradable.


    Every single Letter Lamp is 3D-printed and handmade by our family in Toronto, Canada. Each unit demonstrates it's own unique patters, colours and designs, individually crafted for you and assembled by hand.


    Nearly all of our designs are powered by low-energy 5v USB-C. Not only does this drastically cut down on energy usage; it also means that you can find a place to power your LetterLamp anywhere that has USB.

At Letter Lamps, we pride ourselves on lighting up every aspect of your world. Handcrafted to perfection, our neon signs offer unparalleled versatility, suitable for any setting or occasion.

Letter Lamps Are Perfect For:


Light up your love story. Display the new married couple's last name, leave neon messages or direction signs for guests. Even label your tables!


Welcome the newest member with radiant baby signs.


Logo, tagline, or product highlights in neon. Boost foot traffic with vibrant stall signs.

Kid's Rooms

Brighten their world with personalized touches.


Infuse energy and vibrancy into your workspace.


Feature menu items, special drinks, or cozy corner names.


Guide guests with directional or event-specific signage. Make statements!

House Numbers

Illuminate your address in a unique style.


Echo the music with band names or song lyrics.

Home Gym / Yoga Room

Set the mood or motivate with glowing terms.


Commemorate milestones with age numbers or special messages.

Salons and Spas

Illuminate service menus or stylist specialties.

Trade Shows

Stand out with booth numbers, business names or product highlights.