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Lamplighter Action Lamp

3D Printed To Order.

Made From Plants and Bottles.

Low Energy Universal Power Supply.

The original Action Lamp, our Lamplighter AL-1. Pose and place wherever you need light. When action figures meet utility work lamps, you get the Lamplighter AL-1 Action Lamp.

Meet Lamplighter
Custom Letter Lamps - Letter Lamps

LetterLamps Are Here.

3D Printed To Order.

Made From Plants.

Low Energy Universal Power Supply.

Lithophane Design Revealed By Light.

Only when lit does our design shine through. Each LetterLamp is a masterpiece of form, 3D-printed on demand with plant-based polymer to reduce waste and carbon footprint, distinguished by its ability to transform light into art.

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Neon Curling Lamps

3D Printed To Order, Made From Plants!

Low Energy Universal Power Supply.

Iluminate Your Love For The Roaring Game.

Our Neon LED Curling Lights started it all. After some time and a few improvements to our designs, they remain one of our best-selling products! Customize yours today with the colours of your choice.

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