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Dark Angels Space Marine Emblem LED Lightbox

Dark Angels Space Marine Emblem LED Lightbox

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Channel the mystique of the First Legion with our Dark Angels Space Marine Emblem LED Lightbox. This lightbox showcases the iconic winged sword emblem of the Dark Angels, a symbol that resonates deeply with the history and secrecy of this storied chapter. Rendered in the chapter’s traditional dark green, it reflects the somber, monastic warrior ethos of the Dark Angels.

Product Features:

  • Symbolic Emblem Design: The winged sword, prominently displayed on the Space Marine pauldron, symbolizes the martial prowess and knightly virtues of the Dark Angels. It is a powerful icon in the Warhammer 40K universe.
  • Customizable Colors: Though traditionally dark green, you can customize the lightbox with various colors to suit your preference, all powered through a modern USB-C connection.
  • Energy-Efficient LEDs: Illuminate your space with energy-efficient LEDs that capture the essence of the Dark Angels’ vigilance without the high energy cost.
  • Wall-Mountable: This emblem is perfect for wall mounting, ideal for display in gaming areas, living rooms, or wherever fans gather to celebrate their passion for Warhammer 40K.

Why Choose Our Dark Angels Lightbox?

Ideal for collectors and fans of the Dark Angels, this lightbox not only enhances your decor but also serves as a beacon of the secretive and noble spirit of one of the most enigmatic Space Marine chapters.

Measures approximately 9.5" (24cm) across between widest points, and 1.5" (4cm) deep. 

3D Printed using PETG recyled water bottles for the body, PLA bioplastic for the front face.

Assembled by hand in Canada!

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Illuminate Your Imagination

Made With Plants

Environmentally Conscious: We are committed to sustainability. Our lamps are 3D printed using environmentally friendly bioplastic (PLA) sourced from Canadian corn waste, a testament to our dedication to eco-conscious practices without compromising on quality or aesthetics.

3D Printed On-Demand

Crafted in Canada: Proudly made-to-order in Canada, our letter lamps are a testament to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each piece is thoughtfully created and hand assembled, ensuring that your custom design is both beautiful and durable.

3D printing on-demand minimizes waste and reduces warehouse space and everyone's carbon footprint.

Universal Energy-Efficiency

Powered for Convenience: Each lamp is powered by a 5V USB connection, ensuring easy and versatile usage all over the world. The energy-efficient LED lighting not only provides a warm, inviting glow but also contributes to a lower energy footprint.


Endless Customization: The possibilities are endless with our custom lamps. From initials to symbols, and themes to vibes, we can craft a design that's uniquely yours. Nearly every product we make has some form of customizable option to make your own.

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